Get more sales


The best tip we can give you, as a future seller, is: Make sure the notes you put up are good quality. That goes for the written words as well as the setup of the note itself (table of content, page set up, layout, etc.)

Think like the student

The notes you may upload will be used by other students, who don't nessecerely know you or share your thoughts. Make sure your notes appeal to a wider audeince, and can be understood by all, by having good structure and clear formulation.

A good rule of thumb is they should make sense for someone who doesn't even study the subject. The notes should give him a good idea of what the name of the game is. Explain stuff thoroughly and as simple as possible.


Since all sellers on the site play on an even field, the same website and roughly the same audience, it's important to do whatever you can to stand out. Make sure your description on the notes its spot on, and explains (sells) the notes as best as possible. Include some specific terms that the notes cover, and make sure you show off some pages for free in the "free sample" function, to give the buyer the best idea of what he is getting if he buys.

Help and sell

Post the link to your notes in relevant groupes on Facebook, discussions, forums, and other websites. This is by far the most effective methode to sell more. It takes roughly 3 minutes to do it, and has been proven to give anything up to 10 sales in the first hour. But take part in the discussion first, so it doesn't look like spam. Be helpfull, be nice- people want to buy from you when they like you.


As they say, patiance is a virtue. Rome wasn't build in a day, nor will a fortune on Uninets be. It takes time, like most good things, and every beginning is difficult. But hang in there, keep writing awesome notes, uploading, sharing and posting in relevant places, and you'll make plenty of money- Trust us. You won't be the first.