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Questions and answers

What is the thought of Uninets Tutor?

It goes well with the same values we created on back in 2013. To provide the opportunity for students to help each other, learn from each other, and finally, get an opportunity for study-related work and page income. Back then it was only notes. Today we go one step further.

Who can become a Tutor?

Both current and former university students who are good at their courses and see the value of being a Tutor for others.

Okay ... I’m listening?

Let’s say you are on your 6th semester on Law, you have completed the courses from the first few semesters with really good results and you feel you can learn the curriculum from you, it would make sense that you offer yourself as a Tutor in those.

Who do you imagine will book me?

A student who needs some help with a course, up to an exam or during the semester. Let's call the student for Kasper. Kasper studies at the same university as you, on the 2nd semester. He is having trouble with the Corporate Law, which you offer Tutorship in. He therefore books you a couple of times during the semester, and possibly one last time, just before the exam.

What's in it for me?

The joy of helping others with a subject that they may be having trouble with. The opportunity to advise others in something that you are the kingpin in. Your own learning and better understanding that comes from teaching others. The chance to test your own knowledge on the course, get some relevant work experience, and finally–possibly get new friendships and networking. The person you are Tutoring today may be your business partner tomorrow.

It sounds interesting! How about CV, career and money?

You can have it on your resume that you have been a Tutor. A study-related job, and not least Tutoring, is always a plus on the CV. Besides that, you can get a written recommendation from us to help you along your career path in the future. And finally, the money. You will of course be paid by the students for the Tutoring work you do.

How does it work in practice?

Kasper searches for "Corporate Law" in the Uninets search box, and your "ad" appears in the search results. He sees your title, a nice little description, describing your ability, and why you are the right person to help him. He completes the required fields, selects the number of hours he wants to book and presses "book".

What’s the next step?

When Kasper has booked, you will receive a notification with all his completed information and contact information and you will continue to contact. You agree where and when you meet and then just hold on the Tutors. It's you as a Tutor who calls Kasper as a buyer. The idea is that you "meet in the middle". He has reached out out his hand for help, so and you do too. You have 24 hours after he has booked to make contact (if necessary, call, text or e-mail). When you are in touch, you only agree to meet, and you can further ask into some of the answers he has submitted to the form to prepare you better.

How do I know what Kasper exactly needs help in?

The key to success in Tutoring is an expectation agreement. To facilitate this, there is a form that he completes before booking. He answers what kind of help he is looking for, how he best learns, what he has of necessary material, what level he is at, and couple other questions. You get his answers, along with his contact information, on which you can shape your Tutor help and preparation.

How many hours can he book me?

The least he can book is 1 hour. The maximum is 8 hours. The hours can be held all in one day or you can split them up in several days. Thus, if he has booked eight hours, you can take two days with four hours each day. It is up to you to agree - when you are available and what is best for the both of you.

The only requirement is that the hours are held within 7 days from when he booked.

How is the payment handled?

We handle the payment, so we ensure a security for both you as a Tutor, but also Kasper as a buyer. When Kasper has chosen X number of hours he will book, and he presses "book", he will pay immediately on our website. Once you have held the Tutors, the money will appear on your Uninets profile, as "receivable". As soon as you want them paid, we will send the funds the same day through regular bank transfer or Mobilepay. We only charge 10% of the total booking amount in the fee. So, if someone books you for 500 DKK, we will charge 50 DKK in fee. But before there is a booking, there is no cost for you at all.

What are you using the 10% on?

We will use the money to develop the website continuously to ensure quality, safety, and usability. We will also make the booking process even more streamlined in the future, and at the end of the day, keep the lights on at the office. However, we also give you the 10% "back" in the form of money you can freely use on to buy notes for. So, if you have been booked for 500 DKK, you have 50 DKK gift card for use on notes.

That sounds reasonable. Any other costs?

No, not at all. It does not cost anything to create ads for yourself, and you can create infinitely amount of them if they are relevant, in the form of subjects you can offer as a Tutor. If for instance there are six to seven subjects that you are good at, or just one that you want to offer your help in, you decide!

Okay, but what if disputes happen before or during the Tutoring process, possibly between Kasper and me?

We are here to help! You can write us at, where we write back in an average of 6 minutes, and we'll find a solution quickly. We are here for you, and we try to make everyone happy.

What if I would like to take a break from it for a while, so I can focus on my own exams for example? Do I also manage it myself?

Yes, absolutely. You can always put your ads on standby so that others cannot see them when they search around the Uninets, so you don’t receive any bookings. Once the busy period is over, you can re-enable them with just one touch of a button on the page. You can of course also delete them completely and permanently and stop completely. It's all up to you. No strings attached.

If I still have some questions about all this, can I contact you?

Of course! We are on, and There is nothing we won’t answer 😊

How do you apply?

First, you create a profile on It only takes 30 seconds. And then you apply as a Tutor by pressing the "Apply for Tutoring" button on your profile, at You fill out the following questions:

  • What are you studying?
  • What semester are you on?
  • Why do you want to be a Tutor at Uninets?
  • What value do you seeat being a Tutor?
  • Contact information
  • Upload CV
  • (Optional) Two additional file uploads, where you can upload any recommendations, courses or grade sheets. These are not required butare a big plus.

This information is only handled by the Uninets team. These are not publicly available and are used by us only in the application process, after which they are deleted. Your privacy is our top priority.

When approved you will be able to create your first ad on the page where you provide Tutoring help in a course and get your first booking. We are with you all the way through 😊

* * *

If you are approved, we will send you Part 2 of the Guide, which aims to guide you to the following:

  • Show you how to make the best ad so you can get more bookings. A crash course in presenting yourself in the best possible way to potential customers.
  • We share rich experience and tools, so you can become the best Tutor for others.
  • We guide you through the process, our requirements, our recommendations, and how you can go the extra mile to ensure satisfied customers, and future success as a Tutor at Uninets.

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