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Every note available for purchase on Uninets, is screened beforehand by professionals to meet our standards. Only the proper and valuable are good enough and we mean it. If you are not 100% satisfied with your notes, we will refund you 100% of your money.

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Our notes are free of plagiarizing and copyright issues as we do not accept any thesis or other form for handed in assigments. The notes are written in own language and intepretation by other students like yourself. So you can comfortably use us through your studies.

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Use your experience and knowledge in particular courses to mentor and help others. Offer your services to other students, and get paid when they book you for a session which ranges from 1 to 8 hours.

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Don’t let your awesome notes collect dust- Upload them to Uninets, let them help other students, and get paid. It's a solid side hustle, that works passively, and only takes a few minutes to initiate.

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God service! Selv i lidt "kedelige" situationer!

Michelle Pedersen

Fantastisk koncept! Super service og ikke mindst kvalitetsbevidste noter! Kan varmt anbefales :)

Michael Vendorf

Rigtig godt udvalg at noter! Har virkelig hjulpet mig op til mine eksaminer!

Morten Godsted Rysgaard

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Upload your notes from your past semesters and get paid everytime someone buys them. We pay you using regular bank transfer or MobilePay. You decide. It only takes 4 minutes to get started.


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Are you great at a certain course, and feel like you can help others better understand it? You can now apply to be a tutor on Uninets, and let others book you for sparring or preperation for midterms. You get paid everytime.

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